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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Load Density Calculator

This is a tool to help transporters calculate the maximum number of pigs to place in any given compartment based on the average weight of the pigs, and the highest temperature and humidity that will be experienced during the trip.

The number of animals on a trailer should be calculated using the specific floor space available in each compartment of the trailer and the average weight of the hogs in the load to comply with CFIA transport regulations and the Code of Practice for the care and handling of livestock: transportation 2001. Do not load extremely stressed or compromised animals.

Load Density Calculator

1.) Enter dimensions of truck compartment (use the same unit of measurement for all sections - feet or meters)


2.) Enter space per animal 
Animal Space is based on average weight. For market weight hogs, click a Sofina, Conestoga, or Olymel option below and the box will autofill. For other weights, reference the Space Per Pig Chart and type a value into the box.

Pick one:


Use SOFINA Avg in Sq.Ft or in Sq.M (Hogs = 120.2 kgs or 265 lbs live weight)
Use CONESTOGA Avg in Sq.Ft or in Sq.M (Hogs = 130 kgs or 286 lbs live weight)
Use OLYMEL Avg in Sq.Ft or in Sq.M (Hogs = 130 kgs or 286 lbs live weight)

Reference the Space Per Pig Chart and type corresponding value into the box below. (Hogs outside average market weight)

Animal Space:  

Max Number of Hogs that can be loaded based on temperature

Calculate 14oC and under
As per CFIA transport regs
Warm 15 - 23oC
Reduce by 10%
Hot 24 - 28oC
Reduce by 15%
Hot & Humid 29 - 32oC
Reduce by 25%
Max # Hogs:        

Consult with your packer if temperatures are over 32oC.