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Monday, September 25, 2023

Call for Proposals


Ontario Pork Research Priorities

Research and development that provides knowledge, practices and information to allow the industry to continue to advance is highly valued by Ontario producers.  Their commitment to research is exemplified by their creation and maintenance of the Ontario Pork Research Fund.  Pork producers in the province contribute 10 cents per hog marketed to this fund.


A call for proposals is sent out to Canadian agricultural researchers annually by Ontario Pork.  Proposals are reviewed and selected by the Research Committee which is composed of producers and swine industry consultants.  The Research Committee makes recommendations to the Ontario Pork board of directors on expenditures from the research budget. The recommendations support priorities and outcomes that are responsive and receptive to the needs of pig producers in Ontario.

Ontario Pork and seven other Canadian provinces support Swine Innovation Porc (SIP), a non-profit corporation committed to facilitating research in the Canadian swine sector.  Provincial pork contributions are used to leverage federal government funding allowing large multi-year, multi-facility projects in swine research to be completed.  One quarter of the Ontario Pork Research Fund goes to SIP while the remaining funds are granted through the internal research process.

OP Research Objective

Ontario Pork is pleased to announce a call for Letters of Intent (LOI) for research projects that focus on the Ontario swine industry and meet the overarching research objectives of:

  • Testing potential improvements to swine industry practices
  • Assessing greenhouse gas emissions from swine barns
  • Current trends in sow mortality and potential mitigation measures 


All research projects that align with these objectives will be considered, including, but not limited to, swine health, swine welfare, swine nutrition, swine husbandry, swine reproduction, barn design and management, employee health and safety, meat quality and safety, marketing and consumer trends and environmental and economic sustainability. Highest priority is given to projects that demonstrate scientific merit as well as strong identification of the benefit of project results to Ontario pork producers and an indication of input or support of a project from swine industry members outside of academia. Specific details on what is expected can be found in the Outline for completion of the Ontario Pork LOI. 









Letters of intent should be completed electronically through the Livestock Research and Innovation Corporation’s website. Prior to applying, applicants should review Ontario Pork’s conditions of funding approval.  These conditions and the outline for completing the LOI can be found below:

LRIC Grants Management System


Timelines for the 2024 call for research:

July 24, 2023


Researchers notified of the OP call for research and the LOIs become accessible on the LRIC system.

October 13, 2023


LOI due by 12:00pm (noon)

Week of December 11th, 2023


Researchers notified of LOI outcome

January 15, 2024


Full proposal due by 4:30pm on this date for selected LOIs

February 2024


Short presentations to the Committee for selected proposals

Week of March 13th, 2024


Researcher notified of full proposal outcome


Please direct any questions pertaining to the research funding process of Ontario Pork to Jessica Fox by email at or by phone at 519-767-4600 ext. 1401. Questions regarding the LRIC application system should be directed to Jean Howden at

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