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Thursday, May 23, 2024

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Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Ontario Pork Chair and Vice-Chair Elected (2024)

GUELPH, ONTARIO – The Ontario Pork Board of Directors welcomes incoming Chair Tara Terpstra, a producer from Huron County and Vice-Chair Bruce Hudson, a producer from Ottawa Valley.
Both have deep roots in the farming community and share an interest in advancing the industry. Terpstra previously served as Vice-Chair of Ontario Pork, while Hudson served as an active member of the Board.
Former Board Chair John de Bruyn completed his term after serving as Chair for 13 years. Philip Van Raay, TJ Murray, and Eric Schwindt will serve as at large Board member positions. They join other board members Karen Sanders, Tanya Terpstra, Arno Schober, and Jolanda Van Den Broek.
“I’m deeply honoured and excited to embark on this journey”, said Terpstra. “Serving as the Chair of Ontario Pork offers a unique chance to champion the needs of pork producers in animal care, risk management, processing, and other areas. I look forward to working with pork producers and industry on fostering collaboration and unity within the pork sector, as we navigate the challenges ahead and seize the opportunities to create a thriving, sustainable future for all involved.”
About Ontario Pork
Ontario Pork represents the 1,919 pork farms that market 5.8 million hogs in the province. The organization is engaged in many areas, including research, government representation, environmental issues, consumer education and food quality assurance. Ontario’s pork industry generates $3.51 billion in economic output and 18,347 in full-time equivalent jobs. For more information, visit Ontario Pork’s website at www.ontariopork.on.ca.

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