Myth busting: What you need to know about where your food is from




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Myth busting: What you need to know about where your food is from


  • 6 June 2017

Listen to a recording of the webinar

Recently Ontario Pork held a webinar focusing on sustainability in agriculture, and its role in providing healthy and nutritious food. 

We heard from Dr. Steve Savage, a 35 year veteran of the agricultural world. Dr. Savage has a B.S. in Biology from Stanford, and a PhD in Plant Pathology from UC Davis. For the last 20 plus years he has been an indpendent consultant working on a variety of technology or investment clients in the areas of plant genetics, crop protection chemicals, biocontrol, biotechnology, biofuels and sustainability. 

Dr. Frank Mitoloehner has an MS in Animal Science and Agricultural Engineering from the University of Leipzig in Germany, and a PhD in Animal Science from Texas Technical University. Since 2002 he has been on the faculty at University of California-Davis, and has published data that is rapidly changing how livestock in California and the US are regulated.

Ontario Pork relies on retailers to be on the front lines with consumers day in and day out and to help educate consumers on what is happening in the world of agriculture and food production. Webinars such as this we hope will help to provide you with information that can help you answer any questions your customers may pose about food production, sustainability and food nutrition. 

To listen to a replay of the webinar, click here and fill out the Register Now information

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