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Pork Foot

Cut Description

Available fresh, pickled or smoked.

The front feet have little gastronomic value, except to add gelatin to soups, sauces and stocks.

Hind feet have the most meat and are more suitable for cooking. 


Trotters, Pettitoes

Preparation Information

Fresh feet are usually prepared initially by a long simmer in an acidulated court bouillon for two and a half to four hours. In most cases they are then boned. After cooking and boning they can be prepared in a variety of ways: a la Sainte-Menehould (simmered, breaded, with a mustard sauce), barbecued, pickled, as part of head cheese, or served cold with a vinaigrette.

Pickled feet are first simmered, then briefly cooked in vinegar and spice, and served cold.


Recommended Menu Applications

  • Stew
  • Soup

Ordering Tips

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