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Shoulder - Blade Capicola Roast, Boneless

Blade Capicola Roast, BonelessBlade Capicola Roast, Boneless

Cut Description:

The shoulder primal is cut into halves: the blade portion, which is the half next to the loin, and the picnic, which is the half nearest the foot.

The capicola, although rarely seen in food service, is a superlative cut. Taken from the boneless butt (blade) it is the continuation of the loin muscle, which the blade bone and two superior muscles removed.

Leaner, and uniform in shape, it makes a superlative, low-cost roast, or can be cut into steaks.

Other Names: Collar butt

Preparation Information

Pork shoulder roasts have a relatively large portion of fat. The fat acts as a natural internal baster. For this to occur, shoulder cuts should be cooked slowly to allow for the fat to melt. Moist heat methods are preferable, but try heat roasting will also provide good results. Shoulder butt (blade) can also be slowly roasted, with the addition of smoke, to produce "pulled pork". Shoulder butt chops: moist heat, or dry heat if marinated. Steaks cut from the blade section (Shoulder Blade Chops)  or the capicola can be braised. For dry heat methods they should be tenderized prior to cooking. 

Recommended Menu Applications
  • Steaks and chops
  • Roasts
  • Kebabs

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