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Art & Chastity Bos Art & Chastity Bos

Art & Chastity Bos

Darryl & Tanya Terpstra Darryl & Tanya Terpstra

Darryl & Tanya Terpstra

Ian Matheson Ian Matheson

Ian Matheson

Jeff Linton Jeff Linton

Jeff Linton

Ron & Sharon Douglas - Pigmobile Ron & Sharon Douglas - Pigmobile

Ron & Sharon Douglas - Pigmobile

Sarah & Wouter Van Leeuwen Sarah & Wouter Van Leeuwen

Sarah & Wouter Van Leeuwen

Steve Illick Steve Illick

Steve Illick

Our Farmers are committed to their animals.

Healthy pigs are a priority for Ontario's swine industry.

take a virtual tour of a swine barn

Learn how our farmers care for their pigs.


 Being a Pig Farm Family

In this video, you’ll meet Tara and Dennis. You'll hear how much it means to them to raise pigs as a family. They’ll walk you through a typical day on their farm and the role their family plays within their pork operation.

 Caring for Pigs

This video describes the level of care and attention that goes into raising pigs. From housing to breeding to nutrition, you’ll learn all about the habits and needs of growing pigs.  


 Biosecurity on a Canadian Pig Farm

Safe food starts at the farm, and biosecurity is an important aspect of food safety. In this video, you will learn about the biosecurity protocols that pork farmers must follow to keep their animals safe from outside pathogens. 

 Safety in Farrowing

Sows are female pigs that can birth six to twenty-four piglets in a littler. Sows give birth – called “farrowing” – approximately twice a year. Sows are housed in a farrowing crate for the three weeks that they nurse their piglets. This setup ensures the highest quality cleanliness and nutrition; it also protects the piglets from being crushed under the sow. 



All pigs in Canada are raised without the use of added hormones.
There are more than 21.5 million pigs in Canada.
Nearly all Canadian pigs are raised indoors to protect them from the elements and disease. Farmers are always looking for better ways to care for their pigs, including social housing and enrichment (toys).
Sweating like a pig is to not sweat at all! Pigs have no sweat glands so they rely on shade and water to keep cool. Barns have sophisticated ventilation systems and some even have sprinkler systems to keep the pigs cool and comfortable.

Videos created in partnership with Farm & Food Care Ontario.  To tour more farms, visit their website: www.farmfood360.ca.

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