Sarah & Wouter
Sarah & Wouter

Sarah & Wouter

Kent County

Kent County
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Farrow to Finish

Sarah thought she had a pretty good grasp on what farming was all about. After all, her best friend growing up came from a family that ran a dairy operation where she spent a good chunk of her summers and holidays learning about life on the farm. She also attended Ridgetown College, where she immersed herself in everything related to agriculture.

When she met her husband and together started managing her in-laws’ sow barn, she thought she was prepared for what was to come.“It’s really hard to understand the 24/7 nature of the business unless you’re living it day-to-day,” said the 28-year-old with a hearty laugh. “It’s second nature now, but you need to be fully invested to make it work.”

With a farrow-to-finish operation spread out over five different locations, to go along with cash crop and custom work, operating a family farm that is growing and wants to continue expanding presents many challenges. It sometimes cuts both ways when it comes to labour: it can be as hard to find outside people who will embrace this lifestyle, as it is to have family members learn to work with other people.


Pork producers in Ontario are on the right track when it comes to taking steps to ensure better workplace health and safety. We're an innovative industry with a lot to offer. That said, we do have to keep improving to keep good employees engaged and attract new people.


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