Darryl & Tanya
Darryl & Tanya

Darryl & Tanya

Perth County

Perth County
 Farm Type
Farrow to Finish

Darryl and Tanya are well versed in all things related to agriculture and the need to be five steps ahead when your livelihood depends on fertile soil and a healthy herd.

Their farm is a diversified, multi-generational, family farm with Darryl and Tanya managing the expanding (1,200+) farrow-to-finish pig operation. The family's dairy cow herd is managed by Darryl's brother and his wife and 3,000 acres of crop farming is overseen by another family member. 

In addition to their family, Darryl and Tanya have a farm staff that includes temporary foreign workers. "It’s been such a gift for us because their desire to learn, coupled with their strong work ethic, has rejuvenated our entire staff and created a positive environment that has made us even more energized to keep things going…and growing!” 

As with many other family farms, the love for farming is passed down generation-to-generation; and while they're firmly intent on transferring that know-how to their seven children, Tanya also understands the need to go beyond her kids when sharing the virtues of farming and educate the public at large.


It is our responsibility to educate the public about where their food comes from, but also to listen to their concerns and be open so there’s a broader knowledge about what we do.


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