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Art & Chastity

Art & Chastity

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Huron County
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Chastity, pork producer and the mother of four daughters is as passionate about animal care and food safety as when she first started 20 years ago.

When Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED) hit Ontario in early 2014, it was a watershed moment for the industry and its response to the outbreak was widely hailed as a case study in composure, fortitude and determination. It was also a wake-up call for Chastity and her husband Art. While their wean-to-finish operation wasn’t directly impacted, they saw an opportunity to leave nothing to chance when it comes to animal health.

“It’s the main reason we started transporting our own pigs,” said Chastity. “We already had strong biosecurity protocols but having dedicated trucks and our own wash bay – which was a significant investment – has brought a level of control and peace of mind that is immeasurable. 

The other thing that makes a huge difference is that we keep pigs from the same source together and we give them a lot more room than in the past,” said Art, whose operation includes 600 acres of crops, as well as a feed mill. “They don’t fight nearly as much as before, and they grow faster and healthier.”


This is our living. We absolutely want to provide the best pork we can.


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