Grilled pork charcuterie board... perfect for patio entertaining

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1 June 2018

Grilled pork charcuterie board... perfect for patio entertaining

James Synowicki, Zimmy's Nook

Grilled pork charcuterie board... perfect for patio entertaining

James Synowicki

I’m James Synowicki, the content creator, influencer and brand ambassador behind the IG account @zimmysnook. In partnership my wife Elaine, we work with and passionately promote the stories of local Canadian food producers/purveyors, as well as the products of companies who share our passion for quality, innovation and design.

Our philosophy: Buy the freshest ingredients, prepare them simply and enjoy with friends and family. #KnowYourFarmer

Whether home or at the cottage, the one thing that unites us all in summer is our love of the grill. 

Seared over charcoal, slow cooked in a wood smoker, or simply igniting the gas grill, nothing beats gathering friends and family for a weekend barbecue.

For me, it all begins with a trip to the farmer’s market to pick up the fresh local produce of the season and an assortment of Ontario Pork. Sausages, ribs, bacon, cured ham, tenderloins or chops, nothing beats the versatility of pork for satisfying a hungry crowd.

A fun way to keep your event casual is a grilled pork charcuterie board. Your guests can fill their plate with finger food and continue to mingle while they eat. (…bonus, it makes clean up a breeze!)

Pork belly burnt ends are a show-stopping hit, as these tasty little morsels just melt in your mouth. Small cubes of pork belly sprinkled with your favourite dry rub and smoked for a few hours. Then tossed in a mixture of bbq sauce, beer & honey and left to cook down to sweet candy-like pieces.

Ribs are an absolute necessity and allow the host to put their individual spin on a barbecue classic! Slowly cooked over indirect heat or in the smoker, then finished with your signature bbq sauce and seared over a hot grill.

Sausage bites and mustard. The combinations are endless! Grilled spicy pork sausages with maple mustard or honey garlic sausages and creamy Dijon, don’t be afraid to experiment! 

Prosciutto wrapped asparagus, a guaranteed way to ensure that even hardcore carnivores eat their veggies! 

Fill a big board with your delicious pork bites, surround them with an assortment of grilled local fruits and veggies, add some olives, pickles or fresh veggies and enjoy! 

Tip: Grilled fruit is delicious and pairs well with pork. Try peaches, nectarines, cantaloupe, pineapple, grapes, pears, plums or apples for an unexpected treat!

This summer, get out and explore all the goodness made available by our awesome Ontario farmers! 

Preparation Time:
Cooking Time:



  • Ontario pork ribs
  • Ontario pork sausage
  • Ontario pork prosciutto
  • Ontario pork belly
  • Fruit - try peaches, nectarines, cantaloupe, pineapple, grapes, pears, plums or apples
  • Vegetables - asparagus
  • Sauces

Cooking Instructions:

Check out our grilling guide for temperatures. 


4 comments on article "Grilled pork charcuterie board... perfect for patio entertaining"

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Donna Webb

Where is the recipe? It is not shown and I can’t retrieve it? Tnxs

Avatar image


Hi Donna,

There's not a recipe for this one. It was just a blog post on what pairs well together. Is there a specific item you have a question about?

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Helen G.

Great idea! Gorgeous board! 😍

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Everything looks so delicious! Wonderful local ingredients and how he makes them shine! Zinmy is a Master Griller!! 😃

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