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Butterflying a pork chop ready to be stuffed

How to Butterfly a Pork Chop

 Easy steps for cutting and stuffing your pork chop

Below you'll find step-by-step instructions for how to butterfly a pork chop to prep it for stuffing/filling.

Butterflying meat is the act of cutting it down the middle and opening it up, then flattening it out to allow for easy stuffing.

This technique can be used with other pork cuts, as well as with beef or chicken, but here we'll guide you through an easy butterfly for a pork chop.

Step 1: Hold Knife Horizontal

  • To start the butterfly, hold your knife horizontally beside the pork chop.
  • Press down firmly on the pork chop with your other hand.

Step 1 to butterflying a pork chop - hold knife horizontal

Step 2: Begin Butterflying

  • Begin to cut your pork chop slowly, but do not cut all the way through.
  • Leave about an inch from the end to ensure your pork chop can still fold over.

    Step 2 to butterflying a pork chop - cut almost to other side

Step 3: Open Pork Chop

  • After your horizontal cut is complete, fold open your pork chop like a book.
  • This pocket that you created is where your stuffing/filling will go!

Step 3 to butterflying a pork chop - open pork chop

Step 4: Gently Press Down

  • Remember to press down gently on the middle of your now-cut pork chop. This will help flatten it out a bit more.
  • Begin to add your filling, but do not overstuff! Close the pork chop flaps once stuffed.

Step 4 to butterflying a pork chop - press down gently

  • If you're still stuck, be sure to watch someone butterfly a pork chop step-by-step in 30 seconds.
  • **"Open your meat like a book" is a common phrase you'll see in recipes. It means that each side of your pork (left & right) are like the pages of a book. That horizontal cut you made through the middle is like the spine of a book. You just need to fold out the sides and press down gently to flatten it out.

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