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Ontario Pork offers FREE educational resources to teachers, agricultural fairs and public events. Request resources in the form below.

All About Pigs

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10 page booklet
You have questions. We have answers. From animals to the environment, hormones to healthy eating, we set the record straight on pork and pigs.

Poop Cycle & Everything But the Oink

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This sheet shows the cycle of what happens with pig poop and the other bi-products that come from pigs.

Pigs of the World & Life of a Pig

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There are more than 29 different breeds of pigs that are raised for pork. The Yorkshire, Landrace, Duroc and Hampshire are popular breeds on Canadian farms. On the back, you find the life stages of a pig.


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A fun folding game for kids full of fun pig facts.

Pig Tales Activity Book

Pig Tales Activity Book click image to enlarge

Learn all about pigs with Hannah and Mario. A book full of fun activities, puzzles and colouring for kids.

Recipe Cards

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We update our Recipe Cards seasonally. We’ll send you a variety of available recipes unless otherwise noted in the comment box below.

Cooking Guide

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Learn about all the different cuts and the recommended cooking instructions.


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Magnetic Cut Chart

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Magnetic Cut Chart with temperature guide.

Nutrition Guide

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This brochure highlights the health benefits of lean pork and explains how pork fits into Canada’s new food guide. It also includes some healthy recipes. 8.5 x 11"

Kids Cooking with Pork

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Cook with Hannah and Mario. A fold out with four fun, kid-friendly recipe cards.

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All About Pigs
Poop Cycle
Pigs Around the World
Pig Tales
Recipe Cards
Cooking Guide
Cooking Magnet
Nutrition Guide
Kids Cooking

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