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Warm Weather Transit

It is important that the swine industry can demonstrate proactive measures to ensure good animal health and welfare during warm weather transport. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) enforces load density for livestock based on the Transportation Codes of Practice for Livestock.  According to the Codes, load density must be reduced in hot and humid weather. 

Both Conestoga Meats and Sofina will continue to send out email notices to producers and transporters the night before shipments if extreme weather is expected the following day. The notice will state the maximum number of animals that the plant will expect to be transported on a standard 53’ trailer.  Shipments arriving on trailers outside of the range will be required to look up to appropriate number on the hot weather loading charts. Transport companies and drivers are expected to use their own judgment to ensure densities are in compliance with CFIA regulations.  Failure to comply with these notices may result in monetary penalties from CFIA and administrative actions from the plants.  

 Online Load Density Calculator 

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NEW: Record of Livestock Movement 

Under the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s (CFIA’s) Health of Animals Regulations (Part XII), Canada’s livestock industry began phasing in changes to its Transportation of Animals requirements as of February 20, 2020. The new regulations are more detailed with respect to animal needs and specify intervals for transporters to provide food, water and rest. The maximum time for pigs to go without food, water and rest is 28 hours while compromised animals max at 12 hours.

What’s new:

  • The new Record of Livestock Movement form must accompany every load
    • This new form replaces current producer receipts/Ontario Pork hog manifests
    • This form does NOT replace the Annex 4 form (below). Annex 4 racto forms still need to accompany every load.
    • Transporters will be sent the new forms and provide them to producers 
  • Producers must note the date and time animals go off feed and water (28 hour maximum)
  • Condition of animals must be recorded and signed-off by both the producer and transporter when transferring custody of animals


Interpretive Guidance for Regulated Parties - Health of Animals Regulations: Part XII: Transport of Animals-Regulatory Amendment


If you have questions or need hardcopy versions of the new transport form, contact;

Ontario Pork Member Services Department
[email protected]
Phone: 519-767-4600 ext. 1220
Toll Free: 1-877-ONT-PORK


Annex 4 - Swine Movement Document (Ractopamine-Free)

Working in collaboration with Ontario’s federal packing plants, we have developed a swine movement document (Annex 4). This swine movement document reflects the recent changes made to the Canadian Ractopamine-Free Pork Certification Program and must accompany all shipments of pigs to Conestoga and Sofina, federally inspected plants. 

Assemblers please note: one new addition to this version of the document is an assembly yard sign off, which must be filled out by the person in charge of the yard if pigs are assembled prior to being shipped to slaughter. If the pigs are shipped direct to slaughter, the assembly yard statement can be checked off as not applicable.   

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ontario Pork. You can also contact Conestoga Meats at [email protected] and 519-648-2506 x369 during the day, or 226-755-0627 after hours. To contact Sofina, please call 1-800-398-9666 for more information. 

 Conestoga & Sofina - Annex 4 Swine Movement Document

Olymel - Annex 4 Swine Movement Document

Les Viandes du Breton - Annex 4 Swine Movement Document



Laminated, print copies can be ordered by contacting Kathy Zurbrigg at Ontario Pork.  [email protected] or 519-767-4600 ext 1208.