Ontario Pork's Industry - Biosecurity
Friday, October 22, 2021

Self-guided Biosecurity Training

The self-guided biosecurity training session is based on national swine industry standards and is accepted by government funding programs as a standardized biosecurity training course.
If you have questions or concerns please contact Ontario Pork at memberservices@ontariopork.on.ca or 519-767-4600 ext.1222.


Steps for Biosecurity Certificate:


1. Complete the Training

Read and/or listen to the Power Point presentation.

Biosecurity course PowerPoint - with audio
(32 MB, please allow a moment for the presentation to download and start)

Biosecurity course slides as PDF (no sound)

For presentation with audio, download PowerPoint and open PowerPoint file.  (1) Enable editing and (2) click play in the upper left corner or F5. In play mode, (3) you will be able to listen to audio by clicking the speaker icon  on each slide. See screen grab below 



2. Submit Farm Assessment

Farm Assessment Form
Complete farm assesment and submit it via email to memberservices@ontariopork.on.ca or fax: 519-829-1769


3. Complete the Quiz

Once the completed assessment has been received, a short quiz will be emailed to you. Complete and return (same email or fax).  


4. Veterinarian Visit

For funding programs, you will also need your veterinarian to come out and assess biosecurity your farm.  Written documentation of this visit is required.

*Receipt of the assessment and a passing grade on the quiz are mandatory for completion of the course.