Ontario Pork - Researcher Profiles
Saturday, September 24, 2022

Researcher Profiles

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Joshua Gong

Project 17-022

Detoxifying vomitoxin using innovative chemical and biological approaches.

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Brandon Gilyroed

Project 17-006

Renewable energy production from agricultural waste via anaerobic digestion technology. 

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Ming Fan

Project 17-032

 Improve growth performances in pigs

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Chantal Farmer

Improving sow lactation performances via management, nutritional and endocrine factors
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Patricia Turner

Diseases of laboratory animals; Toxicologic pathology, Laboratory animal anesthesia, analgesia,...
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Paul Luimes

Investigating applied nutritional and management opportunities to improve production efficiency.
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Ronald Johnson

Johnson conducts research in human food safety and veterinary clinical pharmacology.
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Ken McEwan

Applied economics related to farm and agribusiness management.