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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Recently Funded Research

Ontario Pork has a call for research proposals once a year. These projects were approved for funding by the board on recommendation of the research committee. If you have questions or need further information about the research posted here please contact Cristiane Mesquita at cristiane.mesquita@ontariopork.on.ca.

Recently Funded Research

A pilot study to identify common pig to feeder space ratios in Ontario nursery and finisher barns and investigate their relationship to productivity and welfare

Project 19-007 - Lead Researcher: Dr. Tim Blackwell, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

This study looks to identify both common and appropriate pig to feeder space ratios as well as factors that drive appropriate pen utilization will improve swine productivity and welfare on Ontario swine farms.

Evaluation and improvement of Streptococcus suis bacterins

Project 19-006 - Researchers: Dr. Mariela Segura and Dr. Marcelo Gottschalk, University of Montreal

We propose to study and compare the immune response and protection generated by an autogenous vaccine formulated with different adjuvants under controlled conditions using experimental challenge of piglets.  An improved vaccine strategy will have an impact on swine health and welfare,...

Molecular characterization of Streptococcus suis isolates recovered from Ontario nursery pigs between 2013 and 2018: Towards development of an effective vaccine

Project 19-005 - Lead Researcher: Dr. Vahab Farzan, University of Guelph

The project will apply these advanced analytical methods to help identify the most important virulence-associated-factors and use this knowledge in an attempt to develop a universal vaccine for S. suis in pigs.

Development of an vitro / in vivo correlation method to assess the efficiency of oral drug release from medicated feeds in swine

Project 19-004 - Lead Researcher: Dr. Jerome del Castillo, University of Montreal

The goal of this project is to develop testing methods that will identify feed ingredients or manufacturing practices that decreases the release of a medication to the pig. The optimization of medicated feed manufacturing will improve its therapeutic efficacy, hasten the recovery of treated...

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