Ontario Pork - Recently Funded Research
Friday, September 29, 2023

Recently Funded Research

Ontario Pork has a call for research proposals once a year. These projects were approved for funding by the board on recommendation of the research committee. If you have questions or need further information about the research posted here please contact Jessica Fox at jessica.fox@swinehealthontario.ca

Recently Funded Research

Greener pig farm models through smarter, energy-efficient and climate-resilient buildings and optimal manure management practices

Project 23-08 - Sébastien Fournel, Université Laval

This project will assess, at the whole-farm level, the economic and environmental impacts of the implementation of innovative technologies and practices dedicated to reducing energy or water use and GHG emissions through the farrow-to-finish cycle.

Improving milk yield of sows and offspring performance: use of novel amino acid blends

Project 23-05 - Lee-Anne Huber, University of Guelph

This project will determine the best time to supplement branched-chain amino acids and arginine and ultimately, indicate whether there is a cost advantage to such feed additives in sow and nursery pig rations to help producers and nutritionists decide whether to include these additives in...

Efficacy, animal welfare, and pharmacokinetic impacts of needle-free administration of iron dextran and meloxicam compared to intramuscular injection in piglets

Project 23-03 - Terri O’Sullivan, University of Guelph

The investigation of the use of needle-free injection device (NFID) technology and its impact on animal welfare, along with the potential to support a more industry-wide adoption of needless technology in nursing piglets, will demonstrate the industry’s commitment to optimizing production...