Processors and Licensed Marketers
Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Processors and Licensed Marketers

Below is the contact information supplied by federal processing plants and licensed hog marketers in the province of Ontario. Hog Marketer refers to a person who sells hogs which are not produced by such person or who offers hogs for sale which are not produced by such person, or who otherwise provides marketing services to buyers and sellers of hogs. 

Licensed Hog Marketers in the Province of Ontario: 

If you wish to be added to this list please contact Ontario Pork 

Hudson Marketing Ltd.
Phone: 204-940-1502   
Fax: 204-940-1515 
        Parks Livestock of Canada LP 
Phone: 519-595-8555   
Fax: 519 595 8552


Global Livestock Marketing Inc
Phone: 519-421-3121
Fax: 519-421-3124

John Werden Livestock Ltd.
Phone: 519-659-6900
Fax: 519-695-327

    Zantingh Swine Inc
Phone: 519-845-0362
Fax: 519-845-000


Federal Processing Plant & Ontario Pork Marketing Division Contacts:

Conestoga Meat Packers Ltd.

Colleen Roehrig, Producer Services Specialist
Tel: 519-648-2506 ext 369
Fax: 519-648-3421 

      Ontario Pork Marketing Division  

Patrick O’Neil, Divisional Manager
Toll Free:  800-873-0363
Fax:  519-829-2734
Forward Price Contracts:  800-862-9001

Sofina Foods

Andrew Marks, Hog Procurement Director
Toll Free: 800-398-9666 Tel: 905-333-2901 
Sharon Halliwell, Hog Procurement Assistant
Toll Free: 800-398-9666 Tel:  905-333-2904   

Debbie Abreu, Logistics Administrator
Toll Free: 800-398-9666 Tel: 905-333-298

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