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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Ag Manifest


AgManifest is a pork industry scheduling program that enables users to easily record animal movements between farms, yards and slaughter facilities.

AgManifest helps producers and transporters comply with mandatory traceability requirements by automatically reporting to PigTrace every day. 


AgManifest core features

  • Create online load records
  • Assign pickup location, destination, date and time of movement, driver, truck/trailer identifier for each load
  • Record the number of pigs picked up and delivered, stage of production (weaner, market, breeding, cull) and identification
  • Movement records upload automatically to PigTrace, and can be viewed or printed at any time


AgManifest 4.0 is here!

The latest version of AgManifest includes:

  • 15-digit tag entry and “no ID” entry
  • Ability to bulk print the week’s e-docs (Annex 4s and RLM)
  • Digital PIN signature
  • Record of Livestock Movement (RLM) fields
    • Time-off fed (producer can set timing rule for each barn)
    • Average pig weight
    • Washed truck
    • Temperature at loading
    • Digital signatures

How do I get started?

We can walk you through the system by phone or set up an online tutorial to get you started. Reach us at 1-877-668-7675 ext.1212 or by email [email protected]