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Saturday, July 13, 2024

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Respecting Tradition and Embracing Progress at the 2024 Ontario Pork AGM

More than 200 pork producers and industry members from across the province gathered in Guelph to celebrate the industry and take part in the Ontario Pork Annual General Meeting. The 2024 AGM held on March 19 and 20, included presenters speaking on the continued optimism ahead for the pork sector, and many networking opportunities for producers. 
During the business portion of the AGM, delegates voted on three, at large Board member positions. 
Philip Van Raay was elected to serve a 3-year term.  
TJ Murray was elected to a 2-year term. 
Eric Schwindt was elected to a 1-year term.  
They now join the six other Board members representing five zones that were elected or acclaimed at respective producer meetings.  
Zone 1: Karen Sanders 
Zone 2: Tanya Terpstra (Perth) and Tara Terpstra (Huron) 
Zone 3: Arno Schober 
Zone 4: Jolanda Van Den Broek 
Zone 5: Bruce Hudson 
Ontario Pork extended a thank you to exiting Board members Maaika Campbell, Mike Mitchell and John de Bruyn who were recognized for their contributions over the years. Outgoing Board Chair John de Bruyn was awarded with a Certificate of Recognition from Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Lisa Thompson.   
Among the other  highlights from this year’s AGM was the recognition of Ken McEwan, who was awarded the Ontario Pork Industry Award. Ken has left a legacy across the industry, teaching agribusiness management courses and conducting agricultural economics research at the University of Guelph's Ridgetown campus. Always welcoming the opportunity to solve pork production economic challenges and opportunities, Ken collaborated on several projects, with results shared in peer-reviewed journals, public press articles, and industry conferences throughout Ontario and North America.  
Also honoured was Bob Hunsberger who received the Ontario Pork Producer Recognition Award.  As a long-serving member of the Waterloo Pork Producers’ Association, Bob is best known as a prominent advocate for the Ontario pork industry, not only as a farmer, but as an economist, researcher, and visionary. Bob's involvement has been critical across numerous initiatives in the swine sector, dating as far back to late 1970's.
Bob was instrumental in forming the Ontario Pork Industry Council (OPIC). His work as a visionary saw Bob always willing to explore new technologies, and he is credited with using early computer models for optimizing feed rations, testing management strategies, developing automated feeding systems, and creating farm business planning tools. Among the list of projects Bob helped develop include - a modified open front finishing barn, a tilt wall insulated sandwich wall farrowing barn, a metric barn, a large pen system for dry sows, a floating aerator, pre-casting of concrete slatted floor panels, dirt lots for summer feeding finishing pigs.  
This year’s AGM theme “Respecting Tradition, Embracing Progress” is a testament of the work from past generations who have built the pork industry in Ontario and who have paved the way for further generations to succeed.
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