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Sunday, May 26, 2024

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Launch of CTV Fields to Forks video

CTV’s Fields to Forks campaign shines a spotlight this summer on Ontario’s dynamic pork community. Sponsored by Ontario Pork Congress (OPC) and Ontario Pork to celebrate the 45th anniversary of OPC, the video highlights a global industry that reaches far beyond the farm.

The 60-second vignette will run for six weeks on CTV Kitchener, with an accompanying radio spot airing on KFUN 99.5 radio. The ads reach a large and growing urban audience, with the message that growing food takes a community including farmers, veterinarians, feed companies, manufacturers, transporters and more. It’s a community that comes together each June to celebrate at Ontario Pork Congress in Stratford.

The Fields to Forks campaign showcases innovation and collaboration across agriculture, and the important links between farming and food.

Watch and share the segment here

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