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Saturday, July 13, 2024

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Future Leaders Emerging in the Pork Industry

Across Ontario's pork industry there is a growing number of young farmers that are poised to lend their voices as advocates for the agriculture sector. Among them is Erin Kollman.
“As I take on more of a leadership role on our farm, our friends are starting to do the same on neighbouring farms,” says third generation pork farmer Erin Kollman. 
While she may not be the loudest voice in every room, Erin knows when to speak up, and says the opinions of young pork producers are extremely valuable for the industry.  
“The success of our industry depends on young producers getting involved, whether that's joining a committee, the board or a local association, what we do matters.” 
Erin and her husband Kyle, along with their two sons (Nelson and Henry), work alongside her parents in a large wean to finish operation in Perth County. 
“It’s a lot of fun having the kids in the barn. I remember being a kid and just loving it. I hope they fall in love with it like we did.” 
After taking on more of a management role on her family farm, Erin decided it was important to complete the Ontario Pork Leadership Training Program. A program that really helps to broaden knowledge and experience on what it takes to be a leader in the pork sector. 
“I really, enjoyed it! I liked the tours we went on and seeing how the pigs go from our farm to the packaging plant, to grocery stores and to restaurants or someone’s kitchen.” 
She says the program was an excellent learning opportunity to help her become a better leader. 
“I highly recommend it for anyone who is working with staff, and it’s neat to learn different leadership styles, and how other aspects of the industry operate.” 
Erin’s goal is to have a positive impact on more polices and initiatives. She says the leadership program has given her the skills needed to do be the leader she aspires to be.  
“If we don’t speak up then things will get missed and our industry won’t get the attention it deserves. If you have a voice and you want to share it, don’t be scared to speak up.” 
For more information on the Ontario Pork Leadership Program and how you can get involved, contact Olga Klashtorny at [email protected]


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