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Saturday, September 26, 2020

What's New

Northumberland-Quinte County Producer Meeting - AGM

6:30 pm at Codrington Community Centre

Gary Stordy, CPC
Young producers’ presentation
January 21, 2019 0 Comments

Activism verdict an issue of food safety – farmers prepared to respond

May 3, 2017 (Guelph) – Farm & Food Care Ontario, Ontario Pork, Ontario Federation of Agriculture and the Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario will release a joint statement tomorrow in response to the anticipated verdict by Justice David Harris on Anita Krajnc’s charge for criminal mischief related to interfering with farm animals while in transit....
May 3, 2017 0 Comments

Ontario Pork Chair and Vice Chair Elected

GUELPH, ONTARIO (April 5, 2017) – The Ontario Pork Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Eric Schwindt of Waterloo Region was elected as Chair and John de Bruyn of Oxford county was elected as Vice Chair at a board meeting on April 4, 2017. Former Ontario Pork Chair Amy Cronin and board member Bill Wymenga stepped down from the board in March, and two...
April 5, 2017 0 Comments

Market Access Top Priority for Canadian Pork Council

December 1, 2016 (Ottawa, ON) – The Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance (CAFTA) addressed the House of Commons Standing Committee on International Trade earlier this week on Bill C-30, the act to implement the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between Canada and the European Union.  A member of CAFTA, the Canadian Pork Council (CPC) supports CETA,...
December 1, 2016 0 Comments

Emergency preparedness key for Ontario pork producers

An emergency happens. What do you do first? Who do you call? Are you prepared? Ontario Pork is in the process of producing an on-farm emergency preparedness guide for Ontario pork producers. The guide, including fillable templates, will be designed to help farmers plan for and manage disasters that...
November 28, 2016 0 Comments

CPC Pleased with Restored Access to the Argentinian Market

November 18, 2016 (Ottawa, ON) Canadian Pork producers are pleased that Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau announced access for Canadian pork to the Argentinian market would be restored.  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Argentina's President Mauricio Macri made the announcement following a...
November 21, 2016 0 Comments

CPC’s Mission to China a Success

November 14, 2016 (Ottawa, ON) The Canadian Pork Council (CPC) recently participated in a series of events in China in support of Canadian pork producer interests in the very important Chinese...

Canadian Pork Producers Support Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement

November 4, 2016 (Ottawa, ON) – The Canadian Pork Council (CPC) is very pleased that the Minister of International Trade, Chrystia Freeland, has introduced the tabling legislation on the Canada-Ukraine Free...

Canadian Pork Producers Address Ag Policy Framework

November 3, 2016 (Ottawa, ON) – Representatives from the Canadian Pork Council (CPC) were in Ottawa this week to address the House of Commons Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food regarding...

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