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CAP - Upcoming cost-share program for producers

Building on the success of the Growing Forward 2 program, the Agricultural Adaptation Council has announced a new intake window for funding under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) program

The first intake window for producers is from April 3 to May 8, 2018.  

Producers will be able to apply for cost-share funding assistance for a variety of topics related to three key project categories:

1. Protection and Assurance (examples include animal health)
2. Environmental Stewardship (examples include soil health and water quality)
3. Economic Development (examples include market development and technology solutions)

Complete program details including the program guide and application form will be available on the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association (OSCIA) website starting on March 29, 2018.  To apply, first ensure you meet the requirements below.

CAP funding eligibility checklist for producers:
You file business and/or farm income/loss taxes in Ontario
You have a valid and up-to-date Premises Identification Number
You have a valid Farm Business Registration Number (FBRN), or can provide one of the following exemptions:
Religious Exemption requires a copy of the Religious Exemption Letter as provided by the Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Appeal Tribunal
Cultural Exemption for First Nations producers requires a letter from Indian Agriculture Program of Ontario verifying the farm business operates in the First Nations community
A Gross Farm Income Exemption Certificate granted by OMAFRA may also be provided

If you need to register for a Premise Identification Number, please contact Emma Payne at Ontario Pork at 1-877-668-7675, ext. 1207 or [email protected].

For some project categories, producers may also be required to take a related training or certification course. For example, producers may be required to take a biosecurity training course if applying for cost-share funding related to disease prevention or barn renovations to improve biosecurity. If you have not taken a swine biosecurity training course in the last five years, and think you might be interested in applying for funding related to disease prevention and improved biosecurity, please contact Kathy Zurbrigg at [email protected] or 519-767-4600, ext. 1208.  

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