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Monday, July 22, 2024

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Bob Hunsberger - Farmer, Economist, Researcher, and Visionary

With more than 50 years of dedication, including his role as one of the founding members of 3P - The Progressive Pork Producers, Bob Hunsberger has been a prominent advocate for the Ontario pork industry.  
“It hasn’t always been easy,” said Bob. “I am very proud of being a part of positive change and what has been accomplished.”  
Bob is known not only as a farmer, but as an economist, researcher, and visionary. He’s held numerous roles across the industry providing insight and perspective from the business acumen he learned in school.  
“I was in agricultural business and economics at the University of Guelph. When I graduated in the Spring of 1968, I was able to buy out my father’s business partner and I’ve been in hogs ever since.”  
As a visionary, Bob has always been willing to explore new technologies. 
“Back in the early days of Radio Shack and IBM, we were able to use some of the first computer systems on our feeding control systems and mix ground corn from one bin and soybean in the other. There were challenges along the way using new technology, but it was fun and exciting.” 
Bob credits those early computer models with helping him optimize feed rations, develop testing management strategies, and create a number of farm business planning tools. 
“Pork is a major contributor to our lifestyle here in North America, think of the pork by-products all the things that is made with pork, the list is long, so I really enjoyed helping improve the efficiency of our industry.”  
Among his accomplishments, Bob was also instrumental in forming the Ontario Pork Industry Council (OPIC). At the 2024 Ontario Pork Annual General Meeting his efforts as whole were recognized, as he received the Producer Recognition Award. 
“That was big. I felt very honoured to receive that award, I really appreciated it.”  
Among other of projects Bob helped develop - include a modified open front finishing barn, a large pen system for dry sows, a floating aerator, pre-casting of concrete slatted floor panels, and dirt lots for summer feeding finishing pigs.   
“I would say that what I am most proud of is the people that make up the pork industry, those relationships. They are all so hard working, very energetic and focused on building not just their businesses but also the industry.” 
This October Bob will turn 80 and he isn’t slowing down. He’s currently running another research project measuring iodine values. 
“I really enjoy it, my son Kyle and I are working together, he does most of the heavy lifting. I’m hopeful he will take over and him and his family will move into the house.”  
With more than 5 decades of dedication to the Ontario pork industry, don’t expect to see Waterloo pork producer Bob Hunsberger retiring from farming any time soon. 
“No, that’s not happening, I don’t think I would survive on a golf course, I prefer the barn.” 
It’s that dedicated work in the barn that has left an ever-lasting impression on the entire pork industry. 
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