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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Public Policy

Ontario Pork advocates on behalf of its more than 1,100 members on issues, legislation and regulations that impact the pork sector, by ensuring their voices are heard by policy makers during provincial and national policy discussions. 

Public policy directly affects how pork producers do business in this province; it can impact producers’ bottom line and the economic sustainability of raising pigs in Ontario.

Learn more about policy issues impacting Ontario’s pork industry. 

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Nutrient Management Act

Ontario Pork submission on the Nutrient Management Act Further Burden Reduction Opportunities

Ontario Pork submitted comments to OMAFRA regarding proposed changes to the Nutrient Management Act, that the Ministry defined as burden reduction opportunities for business that do not impact the requirements of the protocol or regulation. 

Administrative Monetary Policy (MECP)

Ontario Pork submission regarding monetary penalties for environmental contraventions

Ontario Pork submitted comments to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forests (MNRF) regarding proposed changes to their Administrative Monetary Policy, as the Ministry is proposing to expand applicable legislation to include


Drainage Act Regulatory Proposal

Ontario Pork submission on the Drainage Act Regulatory Proposal

Ontario Pork welcomes the opportunity to provide input on the Drainage Act Regulatory Proposal. Initiatives that streamline Drainage Act processes and improve drain performance are welcomed by Ontario’s pork farmers.


Conservation Authorities Act

Ontario Pork submission regarding Schedule 6 of Bill 229, amendments to the Conservation Authorities Act

Ontario’s pork industry is proactive in the use of environmentally friendly farming practices, as proud stewards of the land on which they farm.


Environmental Protection Act (EPA) and the Environmental Assessment Act (EAA)

Ontario Pork submission regarding proposed amendments to regulations under the EPA and the EAA to streamline permissions for the CHP system

Ontario Pork supports amendments to help reduce regulatory burdens and enable more timely adoption of energy efficient combined heat and power (CHP) technologies ensuring that systems that are fueled by natural gas or wood biomass, and have...

Clean Water Act

Ontario Pork submission regarding proposed amendments to the technical rules under the Clean Water Act

Ontario Pork drew attention to concerns and recommendations the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Park’s proposed changes to the Technical Rules under the Clean Water Act. 


Environmental Stewardship

Ontario Pork is a leader in environmental stewardship

Healthy soils and clean water are vital to pork producers, to the communities in which they live and work, and to the business of farming. Preserving these resources is in the best interests of farmers today and in the future.


Land access for electricity transmission projects

Government consultation on proposed earlier access to land to conduct preliminary environmental studies for electricity transmission projects (ERO #019-1371)

Ontario Pork does not support any proposed changes that would result in blanket-access to farm properties without the knowledge of the landowner. 


Additional Info

Additional Information

For more information, please contact Rachelle Wood, Sr. Policy Advisor., 519-767-4600 Ext. 1202