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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Public Policy

Ontario Pork advocates on behalf of its more than 1,100 members on issues, legislation and regulations that impact the pork sector, by ensuring their voices are heard by policy makers during provincial and national policy discussions. 

Public policy directly affects how pork producers do business in this province; it can impact producers’ bottom line and the economic sustainability of raising pigs in Ontario.

Learn more about policy issues impacting Ontario’s pork industry. 

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Safety Nets and Business Risk Management Programs

Ontario Pork leverages partnerships in order to maximize the impact on government programs that are responsive to our sector.

Ontario Pork leverages partnerships in order to maximize the impact on government programs to support agriculture and to ensure that programs are responsive to our sector.

Safety Nets

Enbridge Line 5 Pipeline

Disruption of Enbridge Line 5 Pipeline through Michigan into Ontario

Ontario Pork, with other agri-food groups, wrote to Prime Minister Trudeau regarding the Governor of Michigan’s indication to shut down Line 5, which will greatly affect Canada’s energy security in Ontario and Quebec, and oil...

Temporary Foreign Worker Program


Ontario Pork supports the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) and believes that producers must be able to continue to utilize TFWs as well as retain Canadian employees, and that any housing accommodations must be fair and not pit one type of...

Conservation Authorities Act

Ontario Pork submission regarding Schedule 6 of Bill 229, amendments to the Conservation Authorities Act

Ontario’s pork industry is proactive in the use of environmentally friendly farming practices, as proud stewards of the land on which they farm.


Simulated Meat and Simulated Poultry Products

Ontario Pork responds to consultation on simulated meat and simulated poultry products

Ontario Pork encourages consumer choice and welcomes competitive markets as well as consumers being free to make their own food choices. However, we also firmly believe that accurate and truthful labelling and marketing of alternative protein...

Environmental Protection Act (EPA) and the Environmental Assessment Act (EAA)

Ontario Pork submission regarding proposed amendments to regulations under the EPA and the EAA to streamline permissions for the CHP system

Ontario Pork supports amendments to help reduce regulatory burdens and enable more timely adoption of energy efficient combined heat and power (CHP) technologies ensuring that systems that are fueled by natural gas or wood biomass, and have...

Provincial Animal Welfare Services Act (PAWS) Bill 136

Ontario Pork submission on Bill 136, Provincial Animal Welfare Services Act, 2019

The Ontario government has established an advisory table to further improve animal welfare across the province. Ontario Pork will continue to represent member issues and concerns as the regulations are developed. 

Animal Care

Clean Water Act

Ontario Pork submission regarding proposed amendments to the technical rules under the Clean Water Act

Ontario Pork drew attention to concerns and recommendations the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Park’s proposed changes to the Technical Rules under the Clean Water Act. 


Animal Health

Herd health is a priority for Ontario's swine industry

The health of animals is a concern and a priority for the Ontario swine sector. Animal health touches not only aspects of public health and food safety, but also the economic costs that animal disease outbreaks can trigger as well as animal...
Animal Care

Ontario Government’s Fall Budget Consultation (2020)

Ontario Pork response to the Ontario Government’s Fall Budget Consultation (2020)

Ontario Pork thanks the provincial government for its commitment to keeping Ontarians safe and assisting sectors in need of financial support during these difficult COVID-19 circumstances.


Additional Info

Additional Information

For more information, please contact Rachelle Wood, Sr. Policy Advisor., 519-767-4600 Ext. 1202