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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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Transport Regulations (Health of Animals Regulations Part XII)

Ontario Pork is actively involved in new transport regulations

Under the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s (CFIA’s) Health of Animals Regulations (Part XII), Canada’s livestock industry will see changes to its Transportation of Animals requirements.

The new regulations will be phased in and are more detailed with respect to animal needs and specify intervals for transporters to provide food, water and rest.

The most notable change for the pork industry is a 28-hour limitation on the time swine can be without food, water and rest during shipping. The previous limitation was 36 hours. There have also been some wording changes to the definition of a compromised animal.  

Ontario’s pork producers and industry partners take the safety of pigs during transportation very seriously. Ontario Pork is pleased to see that the amended regulations have been released.

The overall impact of the changes will be minimal for most Ontario producers, but we will need time to better understand the potential implications for producers shipping hogs outside of the province.

Much of what we do in our barns and during transport is determined by the high standards set by our industry’s Pig Code of Practice which is developed in partnership with veterinarians, scientists and Humane Societies, based on the best available science. 

Producers are committed to continuous improvement in animal care and handling practices. 

Ontario Pork works closely with producers, processors, transporters, researchers and agricultural groups to support best practice in transportation, including research into new approaches to livestock transport.

New requirements:

  • The new Record of Livestock Movement form must accompany every load
    • This new form replaces current producer receipts/Ontario Pork hog manifests
    • This form does NOT replace the Annex 4 form. Annex 4 racto forms still need to accompany every load
  • Transporters will be sent the new forms and provide them to producers 
  • Producers must note the date and time animals go off feed and water (28 hour maximum)
  • Condition of animals must be recorded and signed-off by both the producer and transporter when transferring custody of animals

Last updated February 20, 2020

Additional Information

For more information, please contact Rachelle Wood, Sr. Policy Advisor. [email protected], 519-767-4600 Ext. 1202