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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

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Temporary Foreign Worker Program


Ontario Pork supports the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) and believes that producers must be able to continue to utilize TFWs as well as retain Canadian employees, and that any housing accommodations must be fair and not pit one type of employee against another. 

Ontario pork producers are proud of their commitment to employee well-being and safety, for both domestic and foreign workers. The provision of clean and adequate housing is a key component of ensuring that any temporary employees can properly complete their jobs and feel safe and respected. The hog sector has an outstanding compliance rate with housing and workplace inspections prior to, as well as during, this ongoing pandemic.

Ontario Pork stressed that pork sector input on the consultation is based on producers that employ TFWs year-round, and utilize residential type housing, as compared to those in other agri-food sectors that employee seasonal growers and use bunk housing. 

Ontario Pork also requested further information on the consultation specific to which stream of TFW is being referenced, how proposed requirements were developed and if they are evidence-based and best practices driven. Ontario Pork also questions how the proposed requirements will be impacted by the Federal Housing Standards coming into effect in 2022. Further information can be downloaded below.

Last updated December 22, 2020

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For more information, please contact Rachelle Wood, Sr. Policy Advisor. rachelle.wood@ontariopork.on.ca, 519-767-4600 Ext. 1202