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Sunday, April 14, 2024

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Land access for electricity transmission projects

Government consultation on proposed earlier access to land to conduct preliminary environmental studies for electricity transmission projects (ERO #019-1371)

Proposed changes to give the Ontario Energy Board the authority to grant, under specific circumstances, earlier access to land to electricity transmission project proponents for the purpose of conducting preliminary environmental studies prior to applying for Leave to Construct could result in better quality, site-focused environmental data. 

Ontario Pork does not support any proposed changes that would result in blanket-access to farm properties without the knowledge of the landowner. While blanket-access is not specifically identified in the proposal, we wish to ensure that early access to farm properties continues to include prior notification to landowners and the opportunity for questions and input.
In addition, any electricity proponents requesting land access must understand and practice the strict bio-security measures in place on pork farms. Pork producers follow strict bio-security practices to ensure that no foreign animal diseases are brought onto their farms, as these diseases can decimate entire herds. 

Last updated April 30, 2020

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