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Saturday, January 28, 2023

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Drainage Act Regulatory Proposal

Ontario Pork submission on the Drainage Act Regulatory Proposal

Ontario Pork welcomes the opportunity to provide input on the Drainage Act Regulatory Proposal.

Initiatives that streamline Drainage Act processes and improve drain performance are welcomed by Ontario’s pork farmers. Pork production is closely tied to efficient grain production and appropriate timing of manure application which requires properly drained land. Having an ample supply of good quality grain and the opportunity to apply and incorporate manure while minimizing soil compaction is a key factor to efficient pork production in our province.  

Ontario Pork is in favour of the adoption of technical protocols by reference in regulation, ensuring that compliance with the DART protocols is no longer voluntary. We also believe that there is a need to update the DART protocol to reflect recent changes to the Conservation Authorities Act, related to Section 28 and the upcoming definitions of terms such as “development activity”, “watercourse” and “wetland”. Defining these terms will have a bearing on the current DART protocol, as well as on potential future protocols. The provincial government needs to initiate the development of these terms as soon as possible. 

Ontario Pork also continues to support simplified processes for minor improvements so projects can be completed in a less costly and more efficient way, including updating the engineer’s report to account for changes made to drain design during construction.  

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