26 June 2018

Over-cookers Anonymous

Over-cookers Anonymous
Hello. My name is Jennifer and I . . . am an over-cooker. 

[Hi Jennifer]

I don’t deny that I’ve never been a great cook. I make a lot of mistakes like simply not following a recipe, adding too much seasoning or alternatively, not enough. But, by far the biggest mistake I make in the kitchen is over-cooking pork.

There was a time I was worried that I wasn’t cooking the meat enough. So, I’d cook the heck out of it and causing my guests to spend 10 minutes chewing every single bite.

Turns out, pork should show a “hint of pink” when cooked properly – Health Canada says to an internal temperature of 160 F / 71 C. This is all fine and dandy, but you can’t tell that by just looking or touching the meat! I tried using my mom’s old-school dial meat thermometer. My plan was to take the meat out when it hit an internal temperature of 155 F/ 68 C, then let it rest for five minutes to reach the perfect 160 F / 71 C. But that old dial model just gave me a rough temperature range. 

Time and time again my meat was dry and over-cooked, leaving my dinner party guests unsatisfied. Some even started suggesting that we just go out to eat.

But I’m happy to report that with the help of this support group and my new digital Ontario Pork meat thermometer I haven’t overcooked my pork in over two months! It’s easy to use and also long as I don’t hit any bones when I insert it into the meat, I get a super accurate temperature. 

Now, friends and family are gobbling up my juicy, flavourful and absolutely delicious pork tacos, chops, ribs and tenderloin and they never turn down my dinner party invites.

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