4 December 2018

Ontario Pork Crown Roast... Christmas dinner on the grill

James Synowicki - Zimmy's Nook

Ontario Pork Crown Roast... Christmas dinner on the grill

James Synowicki

James Synowicki (aka @zimmysnook) is a home chef who loves to grill year-round. Along with his wife Elaine, who is his partner in life, crime and eating well, they have begun working with, and passionately promoting the stories of local Canadian food producers/purveyors, as well as companies that share their passion for quality, innovation and design.

My philosophy is: Buy the freshest ingredients, prepare them simply and enjoy with friends and family. #KnowYourFarmer

When holiday entertaining, something magical occurs… my kitchen and oven, magically shrink!

If your holiday gatherings are anything like mine, there are loads of people congregating in the kitchen and way too much food, all fighting for space in the oven. So years ago, I learned my lesson and expanded my cooking space by firing up the grill (or occasionally 2 grills!)

If your grill is large enough to hold a roasting pan, skillet or baking sheet, you too can find desperately need space just outside your back door… added bonus, it’s a built in escape route from any crazy uncle conversations “Sorry, I need to check the Crown Pork Roast on the grill…”

For this feast, I used Ontario Pork, 4 ways and cooked 3 of them on my grill. Crown Pork Roast, roasted carrots wrapped in Prosciutto, roasted brussel sprouts with Pancetta and sour cream mashed potatoes with double smoked Bacon.

There is no better way to impress your guests than presenting them with a Crown Pork Roast, the ultimate, majestic and regal cut of Ontario Pork! This beautiful 7.5 lb/3.5 kg roast was ordered through my favourite butcher, sourced locally and served to a gathering of 9.  

The night prior, the roast was coated with a dry rub of garlic, onion, salt, pepper, ginger and mustard powder. 60 minutes prior to cooking, the roast was place on onion slices in a cast iron skillet and well coated with a mixture fresh sage, thyme, rosemary and olive oil. The grill was pre-heated to 350F/180C with 2 of the 4 burners on medium high, leaving a space for the indirect cooking of the roast. It was cooked for about 90 minutes (an internal temperature of 130F/55C) and then basted with a maple syrup, apple cider vinegar and Dijon mustard glaze. It was glazed two more times before it reached 140F/60C, then removed from the grill and tented with foil for 20 minutes (in the hot pan it will continue to 150F/65F).

Present the whole roast at the table surrounded by fresh herbs and fruit. Once the guests have all taken their photos, serve everyone an individual bone portion along with your tasty side dishes.

I use my grills year round, but it’s important to ensure you have a clean grill and a fuel source before you plan your holiday feast. I prefer a gas/propane option when holiday entertaining (so, get that propane tank filled!), but a well-insulated charcoal grill works too.

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