Sunday, March 24, 2019

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Robert Friendship

Robert Friendship

Project 18-007

Robert's principal areas of interest are swine health management, disease surveillance and pre-harvest aspects of food safety. He teaches in the undergrad DVM program and the graduate program. He is the swine research co-ordinator for the University of Guelph, and serves on the OVC admissions committee and the Population Medicine grad studies committee and promotion and tenure committee.

Research Interests:

  • Sow reproduction and longevity- methods to synchronize ovulation, and techniques to stimulate synchronized estrus in gilts
  • Public health –On-farm control of Salmonella, prevalence of MRSA and influenza and Streptococcus suis and other zoonotic pathogens on pig farms, as well as antimicrobial resistance
  • Interaction of enteric diseases and nutritional factors
  • Surveillance and epidemiology of swine diseases

Current project: Impact of a specialized feeding regime for replacement gilts on lactation performance

Past project: Minimum duration of teat use required in first lactation to ensure optimal milk yield in second lactation

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