Wednesday, February 20, 2019



The Pig Mobile

The Pig Mobile is a glassed-in travelling display unit that holds a sow and piglets as well as other pigs at various stages of development. It allows the students to see pigs up close without the biosecurity concerns of an on-farm visit.

To book, please email Ontario Pork (early booking is recommended). Please include dates, location and expected attendance. 


NEW Resources!!!  

We just refreshed all our education materials. Click the photos below to view and download resources. 


All About Pigs FAQs

You have questions. We have answers. From animals to the environment, hormones to healthy eating, we set the record straight on pork and pigs. 

 FAQ Webpage




    Poop Cycle & Everything But the Oink

    This handy 1-page full colour chart shows the 4-stage cycle of what happens with pig poop, or manure, from storage to farmers' fields to fertilizing crops like corn, which is then used to feed pigs before the entire process repeats. It also highlights some facts about just how much "pig poop" is created and used at the various steps along the way.

    On the back, "Everything But The Oink" shows all the other bi-products that come from pigs. Nothing is wasted.

    Pigs of the World & Life of a Pig

    There are more than 29 different breeds of pigs that are raised for pork. The Yorkshire, Landrace, Duroc and Hampshire are popular breeds on Canadian farms.

    On the back, you find the life stages of a pig.



    A fun folding game for kids full of fun pig facts.  Fact: Pigs don't sweat. They don't have sweat glands. 




    Ontario Pork Antibiotic Fact Sheet

    From the farm to your table, Ontario’s pork producers are committed to providing safe, wholesome food for you and your family.