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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

On Common Ground

On Common Ground 

What Grows Together

There’s a natural harmony that exists when plants, animals and people share a small, very special corner of the world – breathing the same air, drinking the same water, drawing nutrients from the same soil.

HEALTHY FOOD grown close to home is a thread woven through the lives of all Ontarians – connecting us from the skyscrapers of downtown Toronto to the rolling hills of the Ottawa Valley, from the rocky outcroppings of Thunder Bay to the vineyards of Niagara.

It’s a bounty that extends all year round. The final days of summer and first crisp days of fall are something to celebrate across the province – with corn, wheat, beans and other crops ripe and ready for harvest. Glistening greenhouses near the shores of our Great Lakes ensure an abundant supply of fresh vegetables every month of the year. We know May brings asparagus and June brings cherries. But, fresh, locally raised meat is always in season.

For the farmers who grow that food, and the people who prepare it, agriculture and food is more than a livelihood – it’s how they feed their own families, along with millions of others.

Reliant on healthy soil and water – and committed to vibrant neighbourhoods, towns and cities – farmers take their responsibility seriously, ensuring that delicious, healthy food grown in our own backyard remains available, affordable and sustainable.

The connection between Ontario food, farm families and the people they feed springs from the deep bonds we share when we know where our food comes from, when we trust in our food, and enjoy every delicious morsel.

This harvest season, and all through the year, we invite you to celebrate the amazing quality, diversity and abundance of the food grown right here in Ontario, ON Common Ground.

ON Common Ground is a grassroots partnership of farm groups committed to celebrating connections between farming, food and communities in Ontario. Interested in joining us? Email us for more details.  

Upcoming Events: Breakfast sandwiches in Toronto's Union Station