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Unresolved trade issues biggest risk factor for North American pork producers

Farmscape • November 16, 2017 •
The Vice President Pork Analysis with EMI Analytics says unresolved trade issues are the biggest risk factor on the horizon for North American pork producers. As negotiations aimed at modernizing the North American Free Trade Agreement continue, a growing number of agricultural interests in the United States have been coming to the table to encourage the Trump Administration to bring the discussions to a successful conclusion.

Optimising amino acids in swine diets

Pig Progress - November 15, 2017
Feed is the single largest cost in pig production; the use of low-cost ingredients is, unsurprisingly, a common cost-cutting approach. This strategy typically involves the addition of ingredients with low energy density and high fibre – substitutes that make nutrients less accessible and negatively impact the hindgut.

CFIA science fact sheet

Canadian Food Inspection Agency• November 2017
Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is now recognized as a growing health threat to public health in Canada and around the world. AMR occurs when microbes (e.g. bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites) change in ways that reduce or eliminate the effectiveness of antimicrobial drugs to treat infections by killing or slowing microbial growth.

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