Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Annex 4: Swine Movement Document

Working in collaboration with Ontario’s federal packing plants, we have developed a new swine movement document (Annex 4) that will be accepted by both Conestoga Meat Packers Ltd. and Sofina Foods. This swine movement document reflects the recent changes made to the Canadian Ractopamine-Free Pork Certification Program. 

Assemblers please note: one new addition to this version of the document is an assembly yard sign off, which must be filled out by the person in charge of the yard if pigs are assembled prior to being shipped to slaughter. If the pigs are shipped direct to slaughter, the assembly yard statement can be checked off as not applicable.  

This new document can be used starting March 19th, 2018. After March 31st, 2018 only this version of the swine movement document will be accepted by Conestoga and Sofina. Just like with previous versions of Annex 4, this movement document must accompany all shipments of pigs to Conestoga and Sofina. 

Please note that other federal plants also have their own version of Annex 4. We will keep you updated with the versions of Annex 4 used by other plants as we receive that information.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ontario Pork. You can also contact Conestoga by emailing or phoning 519-648-2506 x369 during the day, or 226-755-0627 after hours. To contact Sofina, please call 1-800-398-9666 for more information. 


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