Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Ontario Pork Staff

Leadership Team:

Ken Ovington - General Manager

Ken Ovington, General Manager, supervises all aspects of Ontario Pork’s operations. He plays a lead role in assisting the Ontario Pork Board of Directors in the development of strategy, policy and initiatives that benefit pork producers and industry. Ken is responsible for fostering alliances and building partnerships between stakeholders, as well as establishing organizational objectives, priorities, and deliverables that are consistent with the policies and strategic direction of Ontario Pork.

Patrick O’Neil - Marketing Division Manager

Patrick and his division assist pork producers in getting maximum value for their animals. This means operation of the booking/delivery system, negotiating freight rate for Ontario Pork’s customers and maintaining producer-packer supply agreements. Throughout his role, Patrick develops and implements marketing strategy, manages U.S. sales and shipments and administers the forward pricing program.

Stacey Ash - Manager of Communications and Consumer Marketing

Stacey and her department support Ontario’s pork producers and their partners by creating a healthy and growing appetite for Ontario grown pork and a supportive environment for the industry. In consultation with our members, the team develops the strategy, messages, marketing, tools and resources needed to communicate accurate, reliable and valuable information to members, industry partners and the general public – promoting a positive image to all Canadians, while strengthening industry pride

Jim Weir - Manager of Finance and Administration

Jim and his department are responsible for managing Ontario Pork’s finances. This includes auditing as well as day-to-day operational financing such as banking, accounts receivable/payable, taxation and payroll.

Neil Harper - Information Systems Team Manager

Neil and the Information Systems group maintain a sophisticated information technology system to enable information transfer among all producers, partners and customers. Responsibilities include secure database management, data conversion and transfer of price reporting, website hosting and technology support for staff.

Frank Wood - Manager of Industry and Member Services

Frank and his team work together as a liaison between producers and Ontario Pork by establishing effective, cooperative business relationships with producers and their associations. The team is responsible for implementing national programs, assisting producers in adopting new technologies; and communicating current industry challenges to producers, associations and industry partners.



For producer support, contact the Industry and Member Services team:

Sam Bradshaw - Environmental Specialist

Sam provides accurate, concise data on swine environmental issues to producers, industry and the public. He responds to proposed environmental legislation and liaises with government to ensure producers’ interests are respected. He also attends on-farm emergency situations such as barn fires and catastrophic loss of animals.

Dr. Mike DeGroot - Technical Programs Veterinarian

Mike is Ontario Pork’s resident veterinarian, involved in pork industry programs and communication with provincial and federal governments regarding swine health. He helps deliver a range of technical programs, including PED surveillance, biosecurity, antimicrobial use/resistance and Canadian Quality Assurance (CQA).

Kristian Stephens - Program Coordinator

Kristian works with the Member Services team to help producers comply with the National Swine Traceability System (PigTrace) in Ontario. He also verifies submitted Canadian Quality Assurance (CQA) validation reports and answers any questions producers may have about CQA and the Animal Care Assessment (ACA) programs.

Kathy Zurbrigg - Industry Outreach Coordinator

Kathy works with industry stakeholders on a wide variety of issues. She also coordinates Ontario Pork's research calls. 

Julia Trottier - Member Services Liaison

Julia acts as a liaison between producer associations and Ontario Pork by establishing effective, cooperative relationships with producer body in an effort to assist producers with services provided by Ontario Pork. 


For other questions including media inquiries, please call 1-877-668-7675 for access to the full staff directory.